Discussion part

I am working on discussion part and references of my project report. In discussion part, I am writing about the Virtual Reality headset and comprising with other Virtual Reality headsets. The report is almost done. Few more words to go. After doing that I will put the cover page of my project and check my Turnitin status and work on it.



Today I had met with my project supervisor Neil Benson. I showed him my project progress. My project is all most done. Only I left with discussion part and around 9560 words I have done so far. He is very happy with my project progress. He told me that before submitting the project he wants to go through on the project again. If he finds something needs to change or some grammar part issue I have to correct it. Then we discussed poster making stuff.

Health issues and Precautions

This week i have covered about the health issues of virtual reality and some precautions before using the VR. Although VR is very amazing and exciting but it may cause to many health problems like sickness, nausea, eye strain, lifestyle of a person is also affected by VR because VR user spend most of his time while playing VR games which affects it social life too. Our head starts dizzying while we play VR games because of motion sickness. There are also some precautions before we play VR games like VR games are restricted for below 13 years. Some adventurous games like roller coaster ride, jumping from flying plane and horror games make users nervous. Some VR games may also lead to death and it is true. Some of games are not for weak heart persons. You should consult the doctor before play VR games.

Meeting with Supervisor

Today i had meeting with my project supervisor Neil Benson. He gone through my report and liked my work. He was happy with my project progress. We talked about poster making session which is going to be held soon after my project submission. For this week my target is to research on web based Virtual Reality and application of Virtual reality.

Application of VR

This week i have covered applications of VR. After doing research about applications of VR i came to know that virtual reality is widely used in different fields like games, business, education, medical, military, education or scientific research etc.I have write about all these fields in my report in detail and how VR is changing these fields.

Meeting with supervisor

After term breaks today i had a meeting with my project supervisor. He viewed my report and appreciated my work i have done so far. He showed me email which he got from Clare regarding my project report. Clare wants from me to analyze some more content of VR. I told my supervisor that very soon i will start working on analyzing part.

Impact of VR on Web, WebVR sites

In this week i have covered about the impact of virtual reality on the web browser and which are the fully WebVR sites. when we talk about impact of VR on web many thought comes to our mind like how web impacted by VR.After coming of Oculus Rift it has changed the way we play video games or browse the internet. This virtual reality headset comes with some latest features and technology. The version of Oculus Rift featuring some high-resolution graphics, accurate headset tracking, 360-degree view point and so on. Recently last year Facebook has purchased the Oculus Rift for its use. After the coming of Oculus Rift VR, it led to many other developments in the field of VR like Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Sony, HoloLens etc. These technologies spread and take over the home and every phase of our daily lives. Their are number of Web browser using virtual reality like Mozilla WebVR, Janus WebVR, Samsung WebVR and Chrome WebVR.