Impact of VR on Web, WebVR sites

In this week i have covered about the impact of virtual reality on the web browser and which are the fully WebVR sites. when we talk about impact of VR on web many thought comes to our mind like how web impacted by VR.After coming of Oculus Rift it has changed the way we play video games or browse the internet. This virtual reality headset comes with some latest features and technology. The version of Oculus Rift featuring some high-resolution graphics, accurate headset tracking, 360-degree view point and so on. Recently last year Facebook has purchased the Oculus Rift for its use. After the coming of Oculus Rift VR, it led to many other developments in the field of VR like Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Sony, HoloLens etc. These technologies spread and take over the home and every phase of our daily lives. Their are number of Web browser using virtual reality like Mozilla WebVR, Janus WebVR, Samsung WebVR and Chrome WebVR.


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